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This site is currently under construction. Please bear with us and come back soon for studio news, music, video, pics and links to some of our favorite friends and works by Tomas Queyja and cohorts.

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LA Downtown Underground

I love music. I am Tomas Queyja and The LIP Studio is my private music workspace. Born and nurtured in the plush cultural soil of North Mississippi in 2000, the LIP sprang forth from the spillover from my home studio. After working in a major label studio I felt the need to create a safe environment to work on my personal projects free from the clinical and pressure driven climate of the classic recording space. It is a manefestation of the DIY spirit that I so admire in true creative forces. After many years, many recordings, many performances and many bands in the South, fate brought me to Los Angeles, the home of many of my heroes and the scource of much inspiration. After a record label deal with a Latin Rock project that I was in bottomed out, I decided I needed my own space here so The LIP was brought out West and deposited into the unassuming locale of DTLA. I have recorded and or done live audio with many fantastic and talented artists from Modest Mouse, Gavin DeGraw, Josh Kelley, Zoogma and BB King to name just a few. I am open to help you if I can with reasonable rates to get your recording project off the ground. I am also available as a live sound engineer and am currently helping in that capacity at a few venues in Hollywood. The LIP has just embarked upon housing small private showcases with the premier of the Smarty Panties Improve Troupe Show this last Saturday, June 23rd 2012. Please stay tuned as I work on this site (as it is my first site-building experience). Soon I will have music and video of past projects, current featured artists, the LIP sessions and collaborations with Smarty Panties Improv Troupe and more...